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New album, “HIPROCK 101”, is out

Updated: Mar 8

The self proclaimed KING OF HIPROCK has a new album that he feels No one can top.

Welcome to BAKYAWD post. Use this page to grt to know me better. Think of it as an ongoing conversation with me and yourself can share I'll be in Atlanta all aorund the city and traveling to your city soon.

“Do you have any Ideas in mind for where you think i should go with hiprock? I feel HipRock has been the wave of the future for years to come.”

I'll be posting loads of engaging content, so be sure to keep up with what I'm doing. i would love your feed back. tell me what you do or don't like nothing is taboo.

Being Relevant is key.

I'm writing a blog to bein a great position as an authority in my field and captivate your attention. i want to improve my relationship with my fans? When I was growing up on Bankhead in Atlanta I was always listening to different types of music and wanted to combine these sounds. after a while my hood started changing. Groups like D4L, Franchise Boys, Shop Boyz , Artist like T.I. and Shawty Lo started to emerge. Still nothiung quite like myself.

So these many years later I decided to start my own movement and go forward with HipRock Life. I stated my own lable and put out my debut album HIP-ROCK 101.

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